Equality, Justice, Brotherhood, Forward

I happened to be passing by the Gustavus II Adolphus Hall during its unfortunate demolition, so I had to stop and snap some photos (click to enlarge):

From the StarTribune:
A Lake Street icon fell to the wreckers on Tuesday to the relief of some and the lament of others.

The Gustavus II Adolphus Hall at 1626 E. Lake St. was demolished nearly four years after a fire devoured its guts.

The two-story ornamented brick building once was a bastion of Swedish culture, constructed in 1924 by the Gustavus II Adolphus Society. But the society sold the building in 1996, and it later housed a series of restaurants, a dance club and shops.

The city ordered that parts of the building be saved, such as the four engraved limestone cartouches on the Lake Street facade, bearing initials standing for Equality, Justice, Brotherhood and Forward, the society’s watchwords.
I’m sad to see it go, but I’m also excited for the future.  My only hope is that whatever replaces the old structure is worth it.  More photos here.  Another news story about the demolition here.  Heritage Preservation Committee Staff Report here.

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