Basement Shelves

Mel & I have been hard at work building some new shelves in our basement.  We were a little inspred by my friends Shaun & Callie and a few of their weekend projects, so we decided to give it a try.  We were just looking for some general, all-purpose shelving sized to fit nothing in particular, so this is what we ended up with:
Each of the 8 shelves is about 8.5′ x 2′ & the whole frame is made out of 2 x 4’s.  Total cost: $120.
We’re pretty happy with them.  Here’s the skinny, though:

1.  We had a cluttered basement full of stuff stacked around on the floor, so we decided to build shelves.
2.  We realized that we wouldn’t have any room to build shelves until we did a little cleaning/organizing first.
3.  While cleaning/organizing, we realized that most of our stuff is junk, so we threw a ton of it out.
4.  Now we don’t have anything to put on our new shelves.

9 comments to Basement Shelves

  • Very nice! Well… I guess on the bright side, you'll have a place to put junk as you accumulate more. 🙂

  • Well done on the shelves! You know what can go on those shelves? your Dry food storage!!!!! ha!

  • Callie

    glad we can inspire. the good thing is now when collect more junk you have a place for them…

  • Lani

    Two birds with one stone, nice!

  • Hey, at least those shelves are in place for some time in the future when you WILL have stuff to put on them. Nice work.

  • Thanks everybody. We're pretty pleased with them.

  • Reuben! I haven't talked to you in a dog's age. It's good to see you. I had no idea what had become of you. So anyways, yeah things are pretty good on my end. Law school kind of sucks, but it's what I gotta do. So where do you live now exactly? It looks like a rad place.

  • Beerorkid

    your 1-4 at the bottom cracked me up. We are at #3 and ready to build some shelves. Yours look pretty decent.

  • Beerorkid – thanks. We're very pleased with the design and how the shelves turned out. Good luck with yours.

    As a postscript:

    5. Wait a few months and then realize your once-empty shelves are full of junk again and that junk is spilling over onto the floor. Return to Step 1.