Women & the Priesthood over at FMH

ooh… great post over at Feminist Mormon Housewives by Kevin Barney about why he would like to see the LDS priesthood given to women.  I will be careful to note that KB is not advocating… simply musing.  KB calls it an “ark-steadying exercise.” I like it.  A lot.  And I agree with everything he’s said (in a non-advocative, thought-exercise sort of way…).  So go check out the post, and feel free to comment there.  Or, if the approximately 100 comments in less than a day leaves you feeling a little excluded from the discussion, feel free to comment here as well.

Know, however, that I didn’t read the comments.  I never read the comments because it’s always just a bunch of people shouting past each other.

4 thoughts on “Women & the Priesthood over at FMH”

  1. Not a bad article, like you said he has some good ideas and starts an interesting discussion. My side question would be on how readers view the example of only Levi's lineage holding the Priesthood verses the modern day only males holding the Priesthood?

    In OT times Levi's family was specifically called to hold the Priesthood and serve in various capacities. In modern times, have only men been specifically called to hold the Priesthood? Or have women just been excluded? I think there is a big difference.

    When looking at Levi's calling verses the Priesthood ban of blacks, I see major differences. Yes, blacks were denied chances to serve, like many of the OT followers not of the the house of Levi, but they were also denied SAVING ordinances. Women today are not denied saving ordinances solely because of their gender, although they are frequently discouraged, if not married, from some.

    Anyway, you might not have guessed from my above discussion, I totally agree with Kevin Barney's assessment that women should be given the Priesthood. I'm thinking trying to submit a guest post on fMh for Manuary discussing Heavenly Mother. She would be one of the biggest reasons why I think women should also receive the Priesthood.

  2. Alex, thanks for your thoughts. I hope you write the guest post. I'll bet it will be good.

    And that's a good distinction between blacks & women and their role with the priesthood.

  3. The post definitely leaves me thinking… It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens in the future. I doubt, during our time, women will ever get the priesthood, but you never know what Heavenly Father's plan is.

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