Raleigh 3-Speed

Clever readers will recall that i’ve been wrestling with the Liahona Mission for the past several weeks.  Yesterday, my friends Bill & Stephanie generously offered to let me use their bicycle stand to help try and break the seat post loose from the frame.  After we had unsuccessfully tugged on it for a while, the three of us decided to ride our bikes over to the cycle shop to see if they could help.  That’s when Stephanie pulled out this gem of a cycle to ride, and I had to snap a photo (notice bill’s sneaker on the left – I’m such a good photographer…):  

It’s a Raleigh 3 speed, probably of late 70’s or early 80’s origin.  They picked it up for $50 at a garage sale, and it’s in pretty good shape for its age.  Nothing makes me more happy than a classic cruiser cycle in great shape.

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