New Television

Melanie and I splurged this evening and bought a new TV! We feel a little bashful about it, because it’s way too big for our little living room, but we like it. Here’s Mel showcasing our old one, a 21″ beauty she inherited from her parents several years ago.  

We feel totally justified getting rid of the old one, though.  It was frustrating trying to watch DVD’s on our old setup because the DVD player had to be carefully routed through the VCR.  So carefully, in fact, that it required several rubber bands to hold the cables in place.  If we were watching a DVD, we usually had to get up a few times and jiggle the wires to bring the picture back into focus.  So we really had no choice but to buy a new TV (other than spending $20 for a new VCR that wouldn’t require cable jiggling… but what’s the fun in that?).
But the picture was terrible, too.  We realized just how awful it was one day when we had our camcorder plugged in and we found ourselves watching the 2″ LCD on the camera instead of the TV because the picture was so much better.  Watching the credits at the end of a movie was a lost cause because they were so blurry.

So we went to the big box store to buy a new TV, still trying to decide if the 27″ model was big enough or if we should splurge on the 32″.  We came home with the 40″ – far more television than Melanie and I will be able to fully appreciate, especially with our reluctance to pay for anything more than the $12/month non-HD basic cable package.  And a stereo surround system to take advantage of the fancy audio stuff it can do???  Forget it.  The funny thing is, we both agree that the less time we spend using the TV the better off we are.  But we like it.  We might even splurge and upgrade our netflix account – maybe even host a movie night or two.

6 comments to New Television

  • That's a sweet looking TV. Panasonic? That's crazy how such a bigger TV can still fit on your entertainment center. Modern marvel.

  • Panasonic, indeed. And we should probably put "entertainment center" in quotes.

    Although the TV is much larger, it sits so much further back into the corner, that we actually have a little bit more floor space now. NEAT.

  • the big box store sure is great at their job. you might think there must have been several sales people pressuring us into a larger tv, but thats just not the case. in fact, the sales people hardly talked to us at all. when we saw all the tvs on the shelves next to each other it was hard to remember how small our old tv really was. yes, it was definately a splurge, but it sure was a fun one!

  • Tara

    SWEET! Do I sense upcoming 'LOST' parties at your place?

  • Hmmm…. perhaps, Tara. Perhaps..