Minnehaha Creek Reconstruction

From Friends of the Mississippi River:

Minnehaha Park is undergoing a six-month, $5.8 million restoration to stabilize stream banks, rebuild historic walls, put down new trails and protect bluffs. A public ground-breaking ceremony marked the start of the project November 20th.

New footings will be installed in the creek for some sections of the wall and some walls will be rebuilt.

The park’s 800,000-plus annual visitors cause erosion along the creek shoreline, so the project includes plans for thick limestone slabs to shield the banks.

Rain gardens will capture storm water that now runs down the bluffs into the creek, and natural vegetation will be planted along the creek to replace rock piles. Workers will also remove buckthorn and plant new plants and shrubs in the park.

I’m glad to hear that they’re going to include some limestone slabs along sections of the creek shoreline.  There’s one section of the river where many visitors like to create small rock dams and play in the river.  I don’t have a problem with that, but it is certainly taking it’s toll on the shoreline.

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  • i saw something about their proposals before it started and remember thinking its about time that they did something before the erosion gets out of control. I'm glad some people are still willing to spend money on maintaining this resourse. i hope they don't screw it up.