Holiday Fun

I’m hanging out up north in Ely for Christmas – having a good time.  Mel and I are staying at her parents house along with her 3 brothers and a soon-to-be sister-in-law.  Mel and I have been vegging out, eating candy, & being lazy.  It’s been great.  

We’ve been playing our new game: The Settlers of Catan.  None of us had ever played before.  Last night our game to 10 victory points seemed a little short, so tonight I suggested we play to 15 instead.  Turns out, there’s a reason why games usually end at 10 points.  After our epic game of The Settlers of Catan, we realized we had been playing long enough that our roast beef was burned and our angel food cake fell… bummer.
And we’ve been catching up on LOST.  We’ve got 2 episodes left before we finish the second season and all I want to know is WHY DID MICHAEL JUST SHOOT LIBBY????  WTF IS GOING ON, MICHAEL?  Oh, and Good Riddance to Anna Lucia – she bugged BIG TIME.

6 comments to Holiday Fun

  • Tara

    LOST only gets crazier as you go along!

  • I've been catching up on Loat as well and am most of the way through S3. Great show. S3 is by far my favorite.

  • Bill & tara, good to hear you both liked S3. I have seen through the first two episodes of S3 and I'm getting a little frustrated. I also had another friend tell me she totally lost interest in the show during S3, so I was feeling a little down about it. Glad to hear you guys give it a good review.

  • I almost purchased Settlers of Cattan for my family for Christmas. I've only played it a few times, but really enjoyed it. Maybe they'll get it next Christmas.

  • Man, season 2 of Lost…so long ago. The worm hole just gets deeper. Right now, I'm waiting for this season to come out on DVD, which I'm guessing is a long time off. I watched the 4th season on Tivo and hated the commercial interruptions. The DVD's are the way to go.

  • SEASON 4??? what. you're blowing my mind, spiderleggreen…. I was led to believe that there have only been 3 seasons and the 4th was about to start. A simple amazon search proves me wrong… ..and I thought i was almost up-to-date being halfway through season 3… sheesh…