First Crash of the Season

I had my first bike crash of the season this morning.  I was barely 3 blocks from home when my wheels slid right out from under me in the 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground.  That’s how bike crashes work during the winter months – you’re just riding along and before you even realize it, you’re on the ground.  I watched another guy on a bike fall right in front of me, too.  It must have been extra slippery this morning.  I’m not surprised I fell, though, since my bike is not equipped at all for winter riding.  Really, I’m surprised I’ve made it this long.  I predict 3-4 additional crashes on the snow/ice this year.
When it comes to winter biking, the question isn’t whether you’ll crash, but when you’ll crash.  It’s funny to watch people crash on bikes.  I can youtube “bike crash” for hours and hours…  Actually, I can youtube almost anything for hours.  “Girl fights” is a personal favorite.  “funny video” is generic but usually provides plenty of laughs.  “Falling over” is also fun.  Sometimes I wish people were videotaping me so I could watch myself fall over.

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