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There are a couple bicycle comic strips I enjoy that I’ve been meaning to share.  The first is called Yehuda Moon & the Kickstand Cyclery.  It’s the story of a man named Yehuda who operates a bike shop called Kickstand Cyclery.  Yehuda is an old school cyclist who rides slowly, favors steel frames over carbon, and rides in any weather.  His friend and business partner, Joe, rides expensive carbon bikes and wears lycra.  While Yehuda is out illegally painting bike lanes on the streets, Joe is at the shop trying to figure out how to shave a few extra pounds off his high-end racers.  The two were inspired to buy the bike shop after the previous owner, Fred, was killed by a car while riding a bicycle.  Fred’s ghost also makes frequent appearances in the comic strip, often drenched in blood.

The second comic strip, Bike in the City, comes from France (luckily with english translations…).  The strip tells the story of Léah, a beautiful and single young woman and her experiences living in Paris and riding Vélib bikes around the City.  I was going to post about this comic strip several months ago, but unfortunately, Bike in the City lost it’s long-time illustrator “Le Did” in September, so I’ve been holding off to see what happens.  In October, a new illustrator “RONALDTEXIER” revived the strip, but his interpretation of Léah was not well received.  In November, the illustrator “…Seréna” revived the strip and continues to post comics.  I don’t know how long “…Seréna” will be around (for all I know it says right on the web page, but it’s in French, so….), but I like her interpretation of Léah, so now’s as good a time to blog about Bike in the City as any, so check it out!

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  • I can verify that Reuben enjoys these comics because the first night he found it he got all excited and spent the next several hours catching up on it. Yay for comics!