A Cold Commute

I rode my bike to work this morning for the first time this week. It was above zero degrees this morning, so I figured it was safe again. Mel has been giving me rides the past two days because of the sub-zero temps. At first, it was easy to see why people like their cars so much….so warm and toasty. But then I was reminded why I prefer bikes. Mel and I were stuck in traffic – a dead stop on Cedar Lake Parkway. After sitting motionless for several minutes, I looked out the window just as a cyclist rode right past us. Traffic jams mean nothing to cyclists. His commute was going to take the same amount of time it would take if the roads were empty.

Sure, he was cold. But I was late. Which is worse? When we arrived at our respective destinations, he was sweaty and chilled, but I was frustrated and stressed. Which is worse?

So this morning I hopped on the singlespeed and started pedaling. It was a good ride. I arrived at work sweaty and chilled, but on-time and stress-free.

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