On the Phone

I’m on the phone right now as i type this.  Well… I’m on hold…  does that count as being on the phone?

I’m speaking with Heidi, a pleasant woman with Wells Fargo.  She pops back on the phone every 2-3 minutes to let me know that she’s sorry for the wait.  She thanks me for being patient and assures me that they are working on the problem as quickly as they can.  Then she asks if she can put me back on hold.
You see, today I tried to log in to view my account balance, something I’ve been doing regularly for the past several years.  But today I got an error message.  “You do not have any accounts available for online access.”
Heidi tells me that there is “a problem with my Social Security number.”
I try to convince her that I haven’t changed my number, that it’s the same it’s always been since I became a Wells Fargo customer in 1999.  I haven’t told her yet that this diminshes my confidence in their ability to effectively manage my data, but I’m thinking it.

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