Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail

It’s getting a little chilly these days, so Mel and I had to bundle up for our 19 mile ride today. We drove the bikes out to Hopkins and followed the Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail to Excelsior and back. Neither of us had ever ridden on this trail before, so it was a lot of fun. As are most of the trails we ride, this trail is located on a former railroad right-of-way, so it was mostly flat and had very few roadway crossings. Here’s some photos of us enjoying our saturday bike ride:

We stopped in the City of Excelsior for a while, which has a pretty neat historic main-street (including a sweet-looking Masonic Lodge that I wish I’d grabbed picture of).

Also, at one point along the trail, we came across what is perhaps the most extravagant display of Christmas lawn decorations I’ve ever seen. We stopped and talked to one of the people busy setting up the decorations who told us they did it every year. Even though it’s early November, she said they won’t light it up until December because it’s so expensive to light.

Also, here’s our route:

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