Beautiful Messes

I woke up this morning to this mess left over from a Pie of the Month Club party the night before.  Glasses, bottles, and mugs were still spread throughout the living room, chairs still set in temporary positions surrounding the coffee table.  The kitchen looked worse, with dishes, knives, forks, and other dishes necessary to the success of a Pie Party stacked on the counters.  It meant I would spend the next half hour cleaning, straightening, and washing… but it meant something more important.

I showed the mess to my wife and said, “Do you know what that means?”
“It means we don’t clean up after our parties,” she said.
She’s right, of course.  We don’t immediately clean up after our parties.  But I’m grateful for the messes the parties leave behind because it reminds me that we have enough close friends to throw a party.  It reminds me that we have friends who we care about, and who care about us.  It reminds me that life is good and worth celebrating.
We’ve got some great friends.

3 comments to Beautiful Messes

  • What was the pie of the month? (I would also like to add that while it sounds like a great idea, I have a hard time picturing you hosting a pie of the month party.)

  • This month, we had a traditional apple pie and one called "cherries on a cloud" (it's a marangue, whipped cream thing).

    As hard as it may be to believe, Pie of the Month Club is approaching it's one year anniversary. You can organize a chapter in your town, if you want.

  • That's a great feeling… Good friends, I mean. And pie of the month, great idea! Maybe I'll organize my own chapter in Washington.