Scenes from the Neighborhood: I love you so

I love you so. - Sluto 2008

Twice a day, I pick my bike up and walk it over these railroad tracks.  Several months ago, this message appeared on one of the rails.  It is written at a place along the rails where there is a clear pathway across the tracks where many cyclists walk over the tracks just like I do.  It is such a unique location for a love message.  I like to imagine the man or woman for whom it was written crossing these tracks every day, bicycle in tow.  I imagine how he or she must feel every time they see this message, and it makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from the Neighborhood: I love you so”

  1. What a wonderful love message. I think it's great that it was done in such a unique place as well. It would also make me smile to see it. You know the person who wrote it really took the time to think this one out… to truly get to know his/her beloved and to write somewhere meaningful to that person. Awesome.

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