Citrus Splash

Mint flavored toothpaste makes me gag. It always has, it always will. For the past several years, I’ve been using a Citrus Splash flavored toothpaste from Crest. I feel stupid writing about how much I like my toothpaste, but it’s true. I really, really like Citrus Splash.

Well imagine my horror several days ago when Mel and I were at Target and I couldn’t find any Citrus Splash!!!! AAAAAHHHH! We dont’ usually buy it at Target, so we decided we’d just try to pick some up at Cub next time we were there. Now imagine my exponentially increased horror when Mel and I were at Cub and couldn’t find it there, either!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!! A quick googling didn’t reveal anything about this line of toothpaste being discontinued, but I DID find rumors that the Citrus Splash favor of SCOPE mouthwash had been discontinued, so I got worried that the toothpaste was being discontinued as well.

So I did what anybody else would have done and I immediately ordered 12 tubes from an online drugstore just in case this is my last chance to load up before they’re all gone! It’s SOOO much toothpaste (but it’s all so tasty)!

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  1. My favorite toothpaste is mentadent because of its non-sugary, minty fresh taste. It's interesting that you prefer no mint. Different strokes for different folks, I always say.

  2. Reuben, I saw the Citrus Splash once at the store and thought it was the worst idea EVER for a toothpaste flavor. Namely, because have you ever brushed your teeth then drank a sip of orange juice? I imagined it would taste something like that. So I've never tried it. I might have to… well, if I ever see it again.

    P.S. my word verification word so I can post this is "shetist" which is a word I'm going to start using in my regular vocabulary from now on

  3. That is so funny! I'm sure I would have done the same thing (or just complained about it no longer being available). I have discovered that I love peroxi-care.

  4. Well at least you have the toothpaste part of your food storage covered. Maybe if we are in a disaster I will have to trade you some of the cool stuff I have for some of your toothpaste.

  5. Well it seems that everyone here has exceptionally poor taste in toothpaste. That's ok. I'm brainstorming for other options. I think if I can't buy any more, I might just buy regular toothpaste and mix some Tang in with it. Can you buy unflavored toothpaste? If so that would be perfect.

  6. Ah, the orange flavored toothpaste. I tried some of once or twice, it was ok but I like the normal mint flavored better. Probably because that's what I've always used.

  7. Does anyone know why the Crest Citrus Splash is no longer in stores. I love the stuff and can’t believe they would discontinue this product. I can’t find anything on the internet indicating that it has been discontinued. Does anybody know? Please tell me this isn’t so.

  8. It’s a sad day when people complain about your choice of toothpaste. ( because they don’t like it ) If I had had options other than the burning mint flavors that seems to be the only thing that’s been on the market since the 50’s I might have brushed my teeth more often. and saved thousands in dental bills . I’ve tried several flavors and even the sensitive formulas leaves my mouth burning but minty. When our local stores started carrying the orange and cinnamon flavors I loved them.
    Using your post as a meter . it look like my flavor choice is in the minority , sad because when orange goes away I’ll be in the same boat as everyone else.Like politics …. DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN , taste the same and leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

  9. My 15 year old son gags on mint toothpaste as do you. I was buying the citrus blast and he loved it. I’m now back to buying the kids toothpaste, that bubble gum blast flavor. I’m going to go on Amazon and do the same thing, stock up.

  10. Crest Complete Citrus Splash is still available through I just bought 5 tubes, less than $15 total.

  11. Mint makes me cough and or sneeze. Allergy maybe?? I NEED my citrus toothpaste fix! We have a running joke in my family. If Dad likes it, it will be discontinued. Another product I like bites the dust. The world and I are on different wave lengths. It all started when I was born left-handed. But that’s another beef for another day. (sigh)

  12. I love the Citrus Crest! I’m in search of it now so I can stock up. Thank goodness I have a couple of extras at the house.

  13. Rueben,

    Did Crest discontinue this flavor? Like you, this is the only toothpaste I have been using for years because of the flavor. I HATE mint. If this is the case, I do not know what toothpaste to turn to when the supply is gone…

  14. I also am in the same boat love the citrus splash…had it here in Ontario,Canada …but now I can’t find it any more..was buying it from Wal-Mart….why do them do that…..where can I get this toothpaste without paying an arm and leg for it?

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