SF, 12, short hair, seeking SM. Must love dancing

After reading this post, which mentions a 13 year-old girl trying to sort out her sexuality, I spent a few minutes perusing the New Moon Girls web site. It’s a magazine for pre-teen girls, and one of the sections of the web site is the Ask a Girl section, where I read this:

Ask a Girl,
Okay, I have this fear. Now, I’ve never told any1 this, so don’t laugh!! I really, really am afraid that a boy will never like me. I mean, I guess I am okay looking but I’m not pretty like the “populars”. NO boy has EVER asked me to a dance b4. I have short hair and state my opinion, and I read for fun. Now I’m a freak and people have called me lame. I’m so scared that I’ll never fit in anywhere. What can i do? I’ve never told any1 this – not even my friends!!
Lena, 12
New York

My first thought was, “If I was 12, I would date Lena.”  Then I thought about when I was actually 12 and the type of girls I was interested in and I thought, “No, I’d probably be interested in the “populars” too.  I was lame when I was 12 because I wasn’t interested in girls like Lena.  Someday, Lena, you’ll realize you’re way cooler than the “populars.”

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