More on Prop. 8 (sigh….)

I know this has been discussed extensively elsewhere, but if any of my faithful readers are interested in the Prop. 8 debate happening in California right now (or Prop. 102 in Arizona), I urge you to read this letter (hosted by to Richard Wilkins, creator of the web site.   The letter was penned by Joseph Dallin, a homosexual and life-long member of the church who grew up in an LDS Ward in Orem, UT, where Richard Wilkins was the Bishop.  Here’s the first paragraph, just to get you started:

I’m sure you remember me, Joseph Dallin. You were my bishop in the Canyon View 4th Ward during my high school years. I took your daughter out on her first date. 

If that doesn’t set the stage for an interesting letter about gay marriage, I don’t know what does.  I found the letter to be thoughtful, well-written, and persuasive.  If you’re interested in this topic, have a look.  

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  • Thanks for sharing that. I feel like I'm the only person undecided on this issue in my ward, etc and deciding what I really believe is a fair vote. I'm afraid to even bring it up as a topic to others because they are so clearly for Prop 102 and might question my "faithfulness"!

  • Well,I read it. I'm not buying it, but I'm glad people on both sides of the isle on this issue are voicing their beliefs. I hate when one side just rolls over.

  • For many years, I've debared this issue, and, like your friend Darcey said, was undecided. I have gay friends and students who I feel obviously deserve the same rights that I have. It's a VERY tough decision for me. Yet, I feel torn my own beliefs that marriage should be between a man and woman. I decided to support proposition 8, not to exclude others from any rights as a human being, but to keep suppor a gospel I love. To be honest, I'm still torn, and it's still hard. Thank you for sharing this letter. It's always good to see an issue from all sides.

  • Darcey, thanks for sharing. It is a difficult topic to bring up at church. I, like you, have steered completely away from it at church, though I'm sure your ward is talking about it much more than mine given the political climate in Arizona right now.

    Sarah & Rowdy, it's ok, we can still be friends, except rowdy is getting punched next time i see him (probably December).

  • The letter was very interesting, definitely gives you a good view of a different side. I am going to stay out of it though, because I don't want to get punched.

    P.S. We only find out what we are having on the 3rd, I'm not due until march 30th.

  • Update: I sent in my early ballot today, and while I don't normally go around sharing my political opinions, I voted no on 102, because I honestly don't see how it's going to hurt marriage between a man and a woman, and if same sex couples want to be together, they will be together anyway. I also feel very strongly that they have most likely had a difficult time all through adolescence, figuring themselves out and dealing with persecution, in some cases feeling unwanted by their own friends and family members. I don't see why we need to deny them the rights we have as straight human beings. They are human too, with hopes and dreams, which probably include getting married to someone they love.