Libertarian Mormon for US Senate?

Tired of hearing Norm Coleman and Al Franken bashing on each other? Want to vote for someone other than these two, but don’t know who? Perchance Charles Aldrich, the Libertarian Mormon candidate will strike your fancy. As he says on his web site, his drivers license has been motorcycle endorsed since 1977! Yes. I said 1977!

Also from his profile:

2007 Volunteer Assistant Manager for Bishop’s Storehouse (food shelf) in Apple Valley for six months.

I dunno. I’m still keeping my options open on this one for now…

1 comment to Libertarian Mormon for US Senate?

  • Chuck Aldrich ran for senate?!?
    I wish I could have thrown my vote away with him instead of Barkley (seriously, I couldn't honestly vote for either of the the big ticket names).

    I think he was my teacher's quorum adviser years ago. He went to the BWCA with the young mens when I was 15ish. Weird.

    Thanks for the post, too late I am a month and a half late to vote.

    And yes I am back-lurker for all the lurking I missed during school.