New Bikes!

Mel and I have been in the market for some new bikes for a long time.  We wanted a couple of “cruisers” for quick, easy rides around town.  As it turns out, cheap, new cruisers are difficult to find.  We weren’t very interested in the “beach cruiser” style bikes sold at Target, plus they were pretty rotten bikes anyway.  And classy crusier bikes are hard to find new.  We considered a few options, including european companies like Velorbis, Pashley, and RetroVelo.  but these bikes all come with some pretty hefty price tags.  We also considered a few american companies like Elektra, and even the Schwinn Coffee/Cream.  We were very close to purchasing a set of the Coffee/Cream bikes (i’m still thinking about them, to tell you the truth) but we thought we’d check out some of the used bike shops around before we made any decisions.  
We went to Sunrise Cyclery saturday afternoon more out of boredom than anything else, when we came across a matching set of old Schwinn Suburbans from the 70’s.  They were in great shape for 30 year old bikes, and they were being offered for a fair price, so we bought them!  Here’s Mel with her new bike:

And me with mine:
Alert readers will notice that there is actually very little difference aesthetically between the old Suburbans and the new Coffee/Cream.  To create the Coffee/Cream bicycles, Schwinn pretty much just resurrected their old Suburban body style.

We rode our new bikes to church this morning, along with our friend Julie.  We are so proud of our new bikes!

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