Hit by a Mercedes

I got hit by a car on my way to work this morning. Ho-Hum.. nothing that hasn’t happened before. Don’t worry, nobody was hurt and no damage was done to me, my bicycle, the car, or the driver of the car. What’s particularly scary about this occurrence is not necessarily that I was hit, but the specific circumstances surrounding it. Here’s the story:

Traveling north on Park Place Blvd on my way to work this morning, I stopped at a red light. I was towards the right edge of the single northbound lane, about where a vehicles right wheel-track would be. I was just standing there….stopped….motionless…..waiting for the light to turn green. Then a black Mercedes driven by a little old lady begins passing me on the left. The light was still red, so the car was slowing to a stop. The body of the car missed me by about an inch, but I received a nice blow to the kidney by her passenger side mirror. Luckily, it’s the kind that collapses in towards the car, so it didn’t do too much damage to my unprepared kidney, but still. I WAS COMPLETELY STOPPED AND HAD BEEN FOR SEVERAL SECONDS. SHE CAN’T MANEUVER AROUND A STOPPED CYCLIST? The worst part is that the lady didn’t even seem to notice 1) that I was there 2) that she had hit me with her mirror 3) that her mirror was now completely out of position and useless to her.

I know that the interaction between bikes and cars can be tricky and that there are no clear laws regarding when it is or is not appropriate to pass cyclists – or how one should go about doing it, …but hitting a STOPPED cyclist? Really?

7 comments to Hit by a Mercedes

  • Is your kidney okay? That's crazy that she didn't realize what happened. I sure hope that I will know when it is safer for everyone for me to just stop driving (hopefully I haven't already passed that point).

  • Yeah, that's crazy she hit you with her mirror and didn't even notice. Sounds to me that this lady shouldn't be on the road. I hope your kidney is okay!

    P.S. Yes, you, therefore, are a walking plate of nachos. While, I, good sir, am a bag of goldfish crackers.

  • I agree the craziest part is that she still didn't seem to notice AFTER THE FACT. She is probably too old to be driving.

  • I bet you were just too tempting of a target. I imagine she did it on purpose (I can't say I'd have passed up that oppertunity) and she's probably still chuckling about it. look for a blog that says "i hit a biker today"

  • Thanks for the support, peeps. (BOOOO to Rowdy)

  • Oooh, yeah that is pretty bad. I hope the kidney has recovered.

  • Tara

    It sounds like she needs to have her license revoked! Sorry pal, hope you were safe the rest of the way.