"Following" Blogs

Some of my alert readers may have noticed the new gadget on the right side of this blog where all of my “followers” are listed.  It’s Blogger’s attempt at social networking, or something like that.  But it looks pretty neat.  If y’all are interested, feel free to become a “follower” of my blog.  If you’re a blogger user, you should think about adding the “followers” gadget to your own blog.  Leave me a comment and I promise to become one of your faithful “followers.”  I’m still a little confused about how this new Blogger feature will (or won’t) interface with my Google Reader (which y’all should also sign up for if you like to read blogs and want Google to tell you when one of your friends has written a new post), but I guess i’ll figure it out later.

5 comments to "Following" Blogs

  • Yeah, I started "following" blogs this week, but I don't think that many of the people who read my blog are on the up-and-up like you are! You don't have to follow my blog, but I follow yours… both of them.

  • das,
    I want to follow your blogs, but I don't see any "follow this blog" buttons on your blogs. I think you have to add the gadget before I can follow you.

  • So I'm gonna have to get myself a new picture if I'm going to be a follower… that is a horribly awkward crop. Be proud that you are finally the one to get me to update the picture… my old roommates have been trying forever. Sigh.

  • Tara

    Can I still be your follower if I don't add the link??

  • tara, yes. I believe you can follow my blog "privately" if you don't want your picture shown on my page. I think there's an option when you log into your blogger account, you can set individual "follows" to "private."

    Also, following a blog does not require you to add the "following" widget to your blog.