Fall Harvest

A career in agriculture is in our future!  Take a look at our Fall Harvest!  If you recall, our garden this year included Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Carrots, Peas, and Cucumbers.  It was pretty apparent shortly after we got everything in the ground that they weren’t performing very well.  The whole garden just never really took off – we think it’s not getting enough sun in our shady back yard.  We still had hope, though, for the carrots.  Since all the action happens underground, it wasn’t immediately obvious if they were growing or not.

After all our hard work and dedication, the following photo displays our cumulative harvest (coin showed to provide scale):

Even though our entire harvest consisted of a few nubby carrots, we’re still pretty happy with ourselves – if only for trying.  Plus, the nubby carrots were pretty dang good.

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