Biking the Fernberg & Bass Lake Trail

This weekend, we drove up north to Ely, MN to spend some time with Mel’s family. We drove up early Friday night in time to watch Mel’s record-breaking little brother Matt play in his high school football game. We were disappointed to find out that Ely Memorial High School does not sell hot dogs at their football games, but we were satisfied with the popcorn. Saturday, Mel and I decided to ride our bikes from her home to downtown Ely for some ice cream and then ride back. Round trip, it would be about 38 miles.

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Here’s a couple of photos taken by myself while riding:

We made it to Ely without any problems, but our return trip was frustrated by a flat tire. Luckily, we were near the small town of Winton, and the kind folks at the Winton Liquor Store let us borrow their phone to get a ride home.

While we were waiting, we went across the street to the city park.

After a while, I was tired of the park, so I gave myself a self-guided bicycle tour of Winton, where I discovered the combination Post Office/Fat Chicken Feed Store.

Then I took a photo of the paint peeling off a light post:

And then I took a photo of some berries that Melanie refused to eat….

Then we just started taking stupid pictures of each other (what else can you do when you’re stranded in Winton???)

Finally, our ride arrived.

Sunday afternoon, we all went hiking to Dry Falls on the Bass Lake trail.

I hope you enjoyed the photo tour of our adventure!!!!

7 comments to Biking the Fernberg & Bass Lake Trail

  • Great adventure! Made even better with a flat tire. My favorite is the Fat Chicken Feed Store

  • Tara

    I like the picture chronicle of your adventure, especially the pole w/chipped paint. Looks like it was alot of fun, flat tire & all.

  • ha! gotta love Winton! Hey, you didn't mention that you met my momma at the football game and what a nut she is! I love my momma!

  • Looks like a fun trip, in spite of the flat tire. The one thing that eludes me is why the Fat Chicken Feed Store and the Post Office are combined. Is this some sort of conspiracy? Is the Post Office really the Fat Human Feed Store? Maybe. Maybe.

  • Callie

    you guys are keeping busy! and no shaun does not get to train, he gets a weekend, and no downhills, i will even give him a min 30. he is pretty good at figuring most things out, maybe he will suprise me???

  • Yep- we ended up sitting next to Casey's mom at the football game and I didn't even notice until half time- I felt like an idiot, but its always fun to see her! A couple other weekend highlights: fishing with my parents (always exciting!) and jumping off the docks into the cool refreshing lake with my bro. Thanks to everyone at home for making it such a fun weekend!

  • I miss Ely!! I never had an adventure like that there though…and Winton…what a gem that place is. Sounds like you guys are living it up!!!