Petitioning The Bishop

Last night I sent a letter to the bishop. No, it wasn’t one of THOSE letters… It was a letter requesting a new bicycle rack for the Nicollet Ave chapel. A simple email probably would have sufficed, but I felt that a more formal proposal would be more effective. Melanie says she thinks it will be effective, but possibly only at getting me a new calling with more responsibility. To be certain, I am straying far from my usual “under the radar” strategy of church involvement. I’m not too worried, though. They can try all they want – I ain’t leaving 11 year-old scouts (unless I get promoted to 12 year-old scouts…). But the Bishop was quite receptive to the idea of purchasing a new bike rack and referred to my proposal as a “stellar analysis.” He has asked that I work up some numbers regarding the demand for bicycle parking at the chapel from the two wards and one branch that meet there.

Turns out, that’s what I do all day at work – estimating travel demand given various investment scenarios. So I’ll get some numbers together, perhaps a list of names of those who would like to see improved bicycle infrastructure at the chapel, and we’ll go from there. It is sure to be a long process, but that’s probably ok since we’re coming up on winter. My goal is to have a new bike rack in place by next spring.

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