Why You Shouldn’t Eat Food Off The Floor

Today after church we hung around for a few minutes for the monthly “linger-longer.” It’s a monthly opportunity for everyone in the ward to hang around, eat cookies, and get to know each other. In addition to the usual plates of cookies and brownies, this month somebody brought a tray of vegetables. Being the health nut that I am, I went immediately for the carrot sticks. (Actually….I ate one cookie, and then went back for another, but discovered that only carrot sticks were left).

I walked back to Melanie with a handful of baby carrots and stuck one in my mouth. As I finished chewing, I held one out for melanie, and moved it towards her mouth. Instead of putting it in her mouth, though, the 12 year-old inside me decided to stick it up her nose instead. So I did, and of course, she was shocked and disgusted. She immediately slapped my hand away, which sent the offending carrot flying from my hand and onto the carpeted floor. Laughing, we turned towards the carrot, which landed on the floor about 5 feet in front of us.

As the carrot tumbled across the floor, we were both laughing, wondering if anyone in the ward had witnessed our momentary regression in maturity. As soon as the carrot had come to a full stop on the floor, however, it caught the eye of a 4 year-old who happened to be running past unsupervised. He picked up the carrot, stuffed it in his mouth and continued running before we had an opportunity to object. We looked at each other, our eyes the size of dinner plates, and began to wonder what we should do. It had happened so fast! He had already devoured it before we even knew what had happened!

“What should we do?” I thought. “Should we tell the kids parents?”

“Ok, it’s time for us to leave,” my wife said.

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