What camera should I buy?

I have a Kodak EasyShare.

Two reasons why I hate my digital camera:

1. It takes a very long time to store each photo, making rapid fire shooting difficult. Each picture takes about 5 seconds to save. It might not sound like much, but when something’s happening, it seems like forever. I often miss really great action shots because I’m waiting for the camera to store the last photo I took. To be fair, there is a “rapid-fire” button you can push that will allow you to take 5 or so photos in rapid succession, but you have to know ahead of time that you will need this feature or it doesn’t do you much good. Also, it’s still just more buttons to push.

2. The battery is not rechargeable, and will die within one week – even if I don’t use it. Whenever I’m finished with the camera, I have to remember to remove the battery or else it will surely be dead next time I try to use the camera. Plus, since it’s not rechargeable, there are inevitably times when I want to use the camera but don’t have a battery (like the past two weekends).

Features I want in a camera:

1. small

2. can take and store photos quickly and in rapid succession

3. rechargeable battery (i.e. I just plug the camera into the wall when I’m not using it)

4. At least 3x optical zoom – preferably 5x or more

What do you say, wise internet community? Any suggestions on what cameras are good – or additional features I should desire but am not informed enough to know about?

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  • sweet. thanks for the tip!

  • Here's a page that will be somewhat helpful at dpreview. You can't indicate optical zoom or continuous mode, but there are other things you can choose from, such as movie mode and timelapse mode. Generally I would say Canon, except there is usually no battery indicator until it is low. We both have Canon's and are quite happy with them, aside from the battery issue.

  • Rory

    Also try the site: cnet.com and look at their reviews of cameras. A lot also depends on how much you want to spend. If you want to stay under $300, the Cannon Power Shot SD 850 is really sweet. For the $200 zone, the Cannon SD 1100 IS and the SD 750 are also strongly reviewed cameras. Most can be found at Costco for really good prices if you have a membership

  • Thanks for the suggestions, rory.

  • Last Christmas, I was given a Nikon digital camera. I'm happy with the pictures, the SMALL size of the camera (which was important to me), the ease of taking a picture, and ESPECIALLY how long my battery lasts. I haven't charged my camera in at least a month and it still does not reflect the battery being "half full" yet. This camera is incredibly simple to use, yet comes with some great features.

    If you're looking for digital cameras that are useful anytime rain or shine, I might suggest purchasing a waterproof camera. My boyfriend purchased one before we moved from Hawaii. The camera's picture quality surpasses my camera AND it can takes pictures underwater or camping in the rain. The camera is a little larger, but it's also more durable as well as shock-proof. I believe the camera is an Olympus. Not sure of the model. One of the newest digital, water-proof models.