Tour de Ice Cream 2008

Our good friends Julie and Nathan invited us to attend the second annual Tour de Ice Cream with them this weekend! What’s the Tour de Ice Cream? It’s a bicycle ride across South Minneapolis with pit-stops at locally owned and operated ice cream shops! It combines two of our favorite things (bicycles, ice cream). This year’s tour included between 12 and 20 people at various stages of the tour. The lineup this year included Sebastian Joe’s, Sonny’s, and The Pumphouse Creamery (despite extensive googling, I can’t seem to find any official websites for Sebastian Joe’s or Sunny’s, though unofficial sites are plentiful).

Mel’s favorite ice cream was at Sebastian Joe’s, though the other two were good as well. I like Sorbet’s more than I like ice cream, though, and Sonny’s has a much larger selection of Sorbets than the other two locations. We both really like that all three places have a commitment to using local products. We also agreed that the ice cream at The Pumphouse Creamery was the most unique because the flavors were very subtle (except for the Raspberry Lime Sorbet, which was by far the least subtle flavor of the day. Here are some photos of us BeeBopping down the road: The coolest bike award goes to Erika and Abby, who rode a sweet old Schwinn tandem.
The coolest rider award goes to Mel.
Here is the crowd sitting on the sidewalk outside Sebastian Joe’s (I’m enjoying my mango sorbet).
This is us goofing around outside Sonny’s.

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  • Yeah- it was a really fun afternoon of biking and eating ice cream. You might think that after stopping at 3 different ice cream places we would be sick of ice cream when we got home, but nope, we both ate more sherbet when we got home (twice for Reuben). Yep, we love us some sherbert!

  • Sweetest Adventure Ever… hands down.

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