The SP Shakedown (It’s a new dance)

This post tells the account of how a couple’s Stake President asked them to donate financially to help with the Prop. 8 battle in CA. The interesting part is that the Stake President approached them with a specific dollar amount in mind.

It’s strange to think about a church leader asking for a specific dollar amount. I’m too young to remember, but I’ve heard anecdotes about how a similar procedure was used to fund the building of new chapels several decades ago. The members who would be attending the new chapel were approached by the bishop and were assessed a specific dollar amount. …or that’s what I hear, anyway. If i wasn’t so lazy, I would do some research to learn more about it…

2 comments to The SP Shakedown (It’s a new dance)

  • santorio

    almost wished i lived in calif; i'd let the sp see me write a check for double the amount he requested, then at the last minute write in the name of whatever committee is opposing the initiative.

    i was a missionary in brazil in the early 70s when we were going out of our way to avoid teaching to blacks and trying to sell members the descendants of cain b.s. looking back i can't believe i did that without objection or apparent reservation.

    so i repented and said, never again. never again let someone else usurp my free agency and mess up my moral compass

  • Santorio, thanks for your comments. I would really enjoy hearing the wide variety of ways members in CA respond to requests like this.