Scenes from my Neighborhood

Scenes from my neighborhood…

At the corner of 16th Avenue S and Lake Street in Minneapolis is a large mural that always cracks me up. I won’t attempt to explain the mural, just check out the pictures.

What do y’all think of these neighborhood murals?

4 comments to Scenes from my Neighborhood

  • The murals in the neighborhood are awesome. I hope you take more photos to share with us of some of the other sweet ones around.

  • Melanie, I like how you say that as if you haven't seen the murals – like you weren't right next to me when I took these photos.

    My favorite parts are the little star above Lucy's head, and the fact that Sally is sort of floating in the air.

  • Jo

    I like that the teacher only got an A-. Although, given the current problems in the education system, she's probably one of the better ones.

  • Tara

    It is true, no education is like a punch in the mouth…I love it! I don't remember ever seeing those in the neighborhood, I guess I should stop walking w/my head in the clouds (a elder couple on my mission actually said that to me when I didn't know where a laundry mat was in capetown). I agree w/Melanie, I hope you keep sharing your neighborhood w/us!