Perfect Neighborhood: Update

Ok, so my neighborhood still has a long way to go…. Just hours after my previous post about how great my neighborhood is, local gang members decide to have a shoot-out 2 blocks from my home.

From the StarTribune:
A 5-month-old girl was injured by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting near Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis around 8 p.m. Thursday. Shots were fired during what was believed to be an altercation between two vehicles at 35th and 14th Avenues South. A bullet traveled into the park, where the child was being held on her grandmother’s lap. She was shot in the thigh, but her injuries are not considered life threatening.

4 comments to Perfect Neighborhood: Update

  • Anonymous

    I bet you are wishing you had that gated community now?

  • mostly I wish these kids could find something better to do than shoot babies in the park. It makes me so angry! The park is an amazing resource in this neighborhood and it deserves better. Luckily the neighborhood is very resilient and this morning I saw it was full of kids in the wading pool, teens playing basketball, and lots of families enjoying the nice day.

  • you should form a neighborhood watch program. or how about a neighborhood militia? i'd join if it was called the neighborhood militia.

    How's the little girl doing?

  • I haven't heard anything about how the girl is doing.