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The LDS Newsroom articles are typically basic fact correction, publicizing welfare activities, publicizing a service project church members are involved in somewhere throughout the world, or simply self-promotion. Typical PR sort of stuff. One of the tabs on the site, however, is labeled “Commentary” and I am always surprised at the sort of things that show up there.

The Commentary articles are often more similar to persuasive essays than news articles – and they often tend to state opinions and fairly subjective reasoning. Unfortunately, the articles are never attributed to any specific author, leaving readers scratching their heads about whose views they are reading. I genuinely enjoy reading the mini-essays that show up here, even when I outright disagree with them. Some of them are beautifully written and I find myself wishing I knew who the author was.

One post, entitled “Everyone Else Makes Such Lonely Heavens” quotes Dante’s Inferno – and is a far cry from a standard “news” story. Another post entitled “The Grand Enterprise of Mormonism” is a beautifully written mini-essay, but is horribly unfit to be called “news.”

It has occurred to me and others that this is essentially an official church blog, except that all the posts are anonymous (which admittedly makes it much less ‘official’) and there is no commenting allowed on the site. Of course, allowing commenting would be totally nuts on the Newsroom site, so I’m sure that will never happen, but it would be fun to know who the authors of these little articles are.

I officially propose to LDS leadership (c’mon, peeps, y’all know that President Monson is perusing this blog, right?) that they establish an official LDS blog with daily posts. No comments need be allowed, but all posts must clearly state the author. Posts may be authored by anybody (membership in the church not required), but of course, the church PR department gets to choose what to post each day. The Church would retain full control over the contents of each post.

I think this sounds consistent with other PR moves the church has officially supported, lately. For example, recall that the church officially posted to their YouTube site several videos of Texans who happen to be Mormons. The individuals weren’t saying anything surprising – it was just an opportunity for the world to meet some Mormon Texans. An official church blog could provide the same thing – just in text form.

So what do you think, peeps? Are you with me that the Church should establish an official blog where anybody can publish (heavily moderated) personal opinions and viewpoints regarding mormonism?

4 comments to Official LDS Blog

  • Brilliant! I think the world is ready for the mormon blogging community to be unleashed on one site. Of course my blogs would be on their every day.

  • That's true… you would def' monopolize the site with your wisdom.

  • Oooh… I like this idea too! Especially if Rowdy is the major contributor- I'd like to propose his first post be an essay on the history of beards within the church.
    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this is in the works already. Didn't the last Ensign have an article suggesting we all start blogs and write about the church?

  • From a strategic standpoint, the church might rather leave things like this to private web sites so they don't give the impression of endorsing anyone's personal opinions… They're still battling to distance themselves from Bruce McConkie's writings. …but then that just makes it more perplexing how these "commentaries" get onto the newsroom site in the first place.

    ROWDY for official LDS Blogger, WOOT!