Northern Ohio?

Friend: where did you do your mission work?

Reuben: for my church? Northern Ohio

Friend: you didn’t go overseas?

Reuben: Nope.

Friend: 2 years in Ohio, rough

3 comments to Northern Ohio?

  • What? People have something against Ohio? That's dumb of them. I like Ohio. It's round on the ends and hi in the middle. I've gotten stitches twice in ohio, both times for awesome things. I love it.

  • Haha that's funny! Were you in Cleveland? My oldest brother went there. The disappointment on his face when he read his call was priceless…

    But now he says The Ohio is The Best!

  • Rowdy, you've just said the most positive things there are to say about ohio. good work.

    Darcey, Yep, Cleveland. I don't think I had the same look of disappointment your brother had. Mine was more like, "Whew! Stateside!"