New Coffee Table

Melanie and I haven’t been posting much about our adventures lately, mostly because our camera batteries have been dead (I curse the day I bought a camera without a rechargeable battery…), but also because we’ve been busy doing good things that don’t qualify as adventures.

In one of our previous adventures, we went strawberry picking with our friends p+t. As we dropped them off at their apartment, we found an old coffee table in the dumpster. We certainly aren’t above salvaging furniture from the dumpster, so we picked it up. It was nothing special – just a cheap little table. We’re guessing it had been thrown away because of the large burn mark on the top. We figured that with a little work, it could be a pretty nice little table. Even with the burn mark, it was still better than the coffee table we had been using (which also came from a dumpster, by the way).

Here’s the salvaged coffee table sitting in our porch waiting for Melanie to work her magic:
Here’s the finished table in our living room:
Melanie did such a good job sanding, staining, painting, etc. She’s very talented.

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