LDS Church Growth

From the LDS Newsroom:

According to the National Council of Churches, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the second-fastest-growing church in the United States. However, despite its increasing numbers, the Church cautions against overemphasis on growth statistics. The Church makes no statistical comparisons with other churches and makes no claim to be the fastest-growing Christian denomination despite frequent news media comments to that effect. Such comparisons rarely take account of a multiplicity of complex factors, including activity rates and death rates, the methodology used in registering or counting members and what factors constitute membership. Growth rates also vary significantly across the world. Additionally, many other factors contribute to the strength of the Church, most especially the devotion and commitment of its members.

My wife and I were discussing church growth rates the other day, so I was interested to see this tidbit cautioning against claiming that the Church is one of the “fastest growing” denominations. I don’t know of any authoritative source for obtaining information about the number of members of the church in various areas of the world, so it’s hard to say anything useful without just repeating stuff I hear other people saying. I was going to repeat what I’ve heard through the grapevine, but I just changed my mind.

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