Bicycle Pac-Man

My friend Julie blogged about a Minneapolis Bicycle Video made as part of the See Girl Go project. The stated mission of the See Girl Go project is this:

The See Girl Go project travels across the United States to meet people in different cities with the objective of sharing experiences with a community of viewers on the web.

In this video, you’ll see my friends Julie & Nathan as well as a few mormon missionaries playing bicycle pac-man (notice in the photo below, one of the missionaries is wearing the yellow “pac-man” t-shirt: evidence that he was far more than just an uninvolved passer-by).

3 comments to Bicycle Pac-Man

  • Bicycle Pac-Man was a blast! You and Melanie should play next year. They already set the date set. It will be on July 18th so mark your calendars.

  • have you done critical mass? that looks awesome

  • I've ridden the mass a few times. It's pretty nuts. it's a lot of fun. Where's the closest mass to you? SLC? You and your peeps should head down to the SLC mass sometime. check it out. Even if you don't suppor the mass ideologically, it's still fun to experience.