Stupid StarTribune & Pantyhose

Walking through the lunchroom, today, I glanced down and noticed a story about pantyhose in the July 1, 2008 StarTribune. The story discussed whether or not it was proper for women to wear skirts without pantyhose in a professional workplace. I thought it was an interesting article.

A few hours later, after thinking about it some more, I decided I wanted to write a post about it. So I went to the StarTribune web site to find the article. I browse around the web site for a while, hoping I will come across it, but I don’t. So I begin keyword searching. Searches for “hose”, “pantyhose”, and “panty hose” do not find the article.

Ok, now I’m a little frustrated. I walk back to the lunchroom, find the article in the printed version again, and notice, ok, it’s in the VARIETY section. I walk back to my desk and again search the web site, thinking that if I can browse to the VARIETY section, surely then I will find the article. …can’t find the variety section.

Ok, now I’m a little more frustrated. I walk back to the lunchroom, and bring the section back to my desk with me. Now, I search for the title of the article, “Bare-legged ladies cause office divide.” Still nothing. Search for the author, “Christina Binkley.” Nothing.

OH – ..notice the fine print on the article, apparently this is an article from the Wall Street Journal and so it probably isn’t on the StarTribune web site anywhere.

Well that just blew my mood to write about pantyhose. Ok, here’s the point: Women shouldn’t wear it.

ooh – also here’s a tip: Do NOT google image search “pantyhose” on computers located in professional environments. The results are surprisingly NSFW.

5 comments to Stupid StarTribune & Pantyhose

  • yeah, i've had problems trying to search for articles on their website before too- total pain. So, did the article say pantyhose at work is a no-no, or is that your personal opinion?

  • The article said it was pretty generational. Women over 30 are more likely to be into them. Many women aged 30 or younger have never even worn them once. I think they look unnatural and quite unattractive and wouldn't think anyone was unprofessional if they weren't wearing them. In fact, I think I am more likely to raise an eyebrow if a woman DOES wear them.

  • Rory

    That's really lame, even though I am partial to hosiery. Not sure if I hinge my view of someone being professional or not on it though.

  • I'm into fishnets. or hose with some sort of color/pattern on it. Normal hose that's just skin color is strange to me.

  • Rory

    Yeah I can see that. Patterns are better for sure.