Seriously, So Blessed!

This blog cracks me up. It’s a satire of over-stereotypical LDS life. Check it out if you want to laugh.

[Update 9/15/08:  This site used to be really funny, but now it’s overly commercial and it’s lost it’s luster.  I no longer recommend it.]

2 comments to Seriously, So Blessed!

  • rofl rofl rofl

    I have seen many blogs that are almost IDENTICAL to that. I wouldn't even say this one is OVERstereotypical compared to some – maybe slightly so, but not much!

  • That blog kills me! It's so great… a few weeks ago, on one of the FUNNIEST posts, was a truly serious comment from someone who obviously didn't know the blog was a spoof. The commenter made the blog even funnier by criticizing the "seriously, so blessed" blogger on her advice of how to get married. Oh, it was so wonderful and made that blog even that much more funny.