Harvesting Strawberries

Melanie and I, along with our friends p+t, decided to pick some strawberries Saturday Morning. We drove out to Afton Farm (or something like that…) just southeast of the cities. p+t wanted to make some strawberry freezer jam, and Mel and I just wanted some snacks.

Here’s a photo of Melanie stealing the poor farmer’s strawberries without paying for them:
To get from the parking lot to the fields where we were picking, we rode on a trailer pulled by a tractor. It was sort of like a hayride. MMMM… ok, it was exactly like a hayride. Riding on the trailer was my favorite part, except for eating the strawberries (which I’m doing right now).

2 comments to Harvesting Strawberries

  • I like the boxes you used instead of the buckets we had. looks like it could hold more…. Did you make jam ?

  • No jam for us- just plain strawberries, strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies, and strawberry muffins. Our friends claim they made plenty of jam though and there is a promise of sharing sometime soon!