Disobeying the Bishop

I disobeyed the bishop today. Blatantly. Right in front of him. I did the exact opposite of what he instructed me to do.

In the Lake Nokomis Ward, whenever a speaker stands at the pulpit and says “Good Morning,” the entire congregation says “Good Morning” back at the speaker. I spoke in sacrament meeting today, and as I prepared my words, I planned to use this as a springboard of sorts to launch me into my chosen topic.

As Melanie and I took our seats on the stand before Sacrament Meeting, the Bishop approached us and said something to the effect of, “The ward has a bad habit of saying ‘good morning’ to speakers. Please don’t begin your talks by saying ‘good morning.’ Just jump right into your topics.”

I thought about whether I should modify my words. It would have sort of blew the premise of my talk, but it would really have only been a minor change. I could have done it easily enough. The truth is, I just didn’t want to. I like that aspect of the ward, and I don’t want to see it disappear.

I don’t really feel very good about my blatant disregard of his instructions. I wish that situation had not occurred. After the meeting, the Bishop and I shook hands and smiled. He thanked me for my words, I thanked him for the opportunity… and I’m pretty sure we were both sincere in our thanks. I don’t think either of us will lose any sleep over it tonight.

7 comments to Disobeying the Bishop

  • you know where sinners go right reuben? haha

  • Kinda funny he asked you to do that, when part of your topic was about the same thing! I'm not sure what I would have done in the situation, either. But you're right, I don't think either of you will lose sleep over it.

  • I wish I'd been there…! As you know, we were out of town. I really would have loved to have heard your talk, even the "disobedient" "Good Morning!" part! I've always loved that custom too…

    I seem to remember hearing someone comment in a talk a couple of weeks ago that Lake Nokomis Ward is a rarity in that way; though it is a common custom in LDS wards in Hawaii…

    I am so glad finally to have connected your name and blog to the face and the handshake in priesthood meeting… We need to talk one of these days! Let's connect off-line and do lunch!

  • Don't give Jason and ideas about new fruit in different areas of the house!!

    And also, as long as Melanie didn't say Good Morning, I think you are set. You only need half of the couple to be obedient to get away with things. Its a good thing you have her around.

    And finally… have we mentioned that New Years is getting closer and we don't have a "Time Square" destination yet… Start thinking!

  • Times Square… Hmmm… got any suggestions?

    Also, it's funny, but you're right – you can get away with a lot of stuff if your partner is obedient. I think it's because we usually know so little about each other at church – if one member of the partnership portrays an obedient image, it looks good for the other one, too. Good thing mel is on top of things.

  • In Hawaii, at first I would get annoyed by everyone saying "Aloha brothers and sisters" when they got up to the pulpit. I felt that it was distracting. However, I really came to love that ritual they have there and I miss it here. I'm glad that your ward has this tradition and that you referenced it in your talk! Your talk would not have been the same had you not utilized it, even if your bishop did ask otherwise. Although, I'm fairly certain he understood the reason you said it if he listened to your talk.