Bike Ride: Medicine Lake

For this week’s adventure, Melanie and i rode our bicycles out to Medicine Lake and back. Total round trip was about 30 miles. We had a more exciting ride planned, but then I goofed and volunteered to help out with the Stake youth bike ride around Medicine Lake. So Mel and I just turned that into our adventure. We rode out to Medicine Lake and met up with the Stake youth, then biked around the lake with a pack of 12 year olds, then biked home.

At one point on our ride to the lake, it begain raining and hailing really hard. Luckily, we were underneath a freeway overpass, so we just stood around and waited the storm out for about 10 minutes. After that, the weather was fine.

The funnest part about this adventure was watching the youth interact with each other. There were two young men around ages 16 or 17 who were clearly experienced cyclists. Their bikes were much more expensive than anybody else’s, and they wore their little lycra outfits and insisted on riding in the street where they could go faster instead of joining us on the off-street path. There were also a couple girls ages 16-18 who were catching the attention of all the young men. At one point, one of the YW was even able to lure one of the experienced, lycra-wearing YM onto the path for a flirt-fest. It was fun to watch.

2 comments to Bike Ride: Medicine Lake

  • Haha… Gotta love YM and YW intereactions. I worked in Young Women's last year and it was always fun going to the joint activities. Gets ya every time!

    Oh, by the way… I thought of another adventure for you guys. Evan and I went rock climbing last Friday. It was a fun adventure! I'm not sure how many places there are to climb where you guys are at, but I think it's fun! 🙂

  • Lani

    Adventure and entertainment in one activity! Glad you weren't injured by the hail!