Best Commute Ever

As most of you know, I ride my bicycle to work just about every day – and I love it. I get to ride down some of the nation’s (yes, I said nation’s) premier bicycle facilities. I never sit in traffic, I never spend money on gasoline, I ride past some of Minnesota’s beautiful lakes, and I get exercise doing it. Just to make y’all jealous, I thought I’d post a photo tour of my commute to work. All photos are taken while riding, so forgive any fuzzyness.

I start by riding three or four blocks of lazy residential streets:

Sometimes, I get to ride next to this lovely lady (who also happens to be my wife):
Past Powderhorn Park:
And onto the Midtown Greenway:

One of my favorite things about riding the greenway is that I see many of the same people every day. One of the regulars is a man I see tending the community gardens almost every morning.

After the greenway, it’s on to Cedar Lake Parkway.
Then I turn onto the North Cedar Lake Trail:
Ok, so my route’s not perfect. Here’s where it begins to get a little fuzzy. Most days, I pick my bike up and walk the 20′ across the railroad tracks to avoid a very circuitous route.
…but sometimes I see this: i have to bike around it. Then it’s just about one mile along a pretty typical suburban street lined with parking ramps and strip malls:

And that’s it! Ok. admit it, you’re jealous because I have the best commute ever.

4 comments to Best Commute Ever

  • Those are some great pictures. The exercise is what makes me the most jealous.

    It is about as opposite from my commute as there is. Here's the breakdown of my commute:

    bed -> kitchen -> office

    Working half the day in your pajamas can have some benefits but a nice bike ride on a summer morning also sounds really nice.

    However, in the winter, it seems like it could be less exciting. Do they keep those roads/trails/bikeways plowed during the winter?

  • I have to agree that the Greenway is one of the nation's premiere bike trails- on the days I do get to ride with Reuben its just a great way to start and end my day!

  • Alex, I don't know how you do it… Telecommute would END me. how do you find the motivation to actually DO stuff all day? I'd watch tyra banks and Saved by the Bell all day and never get any work done.

    … then have to work all night to make up for it.. then I'd sleep in the next day since I was up all night, then have to work all night again because I slept all day, etc.

    Cycling in the winter hasn't been a problem, yet. I've cycled through the last three winters, but I've never had to travel as far as I do now to get to work (school was never more than 2-3 miles away, work is ~8 miles) so we'll find out this winter how it will work.

    They do a pretty good job keeping all the trails plowed in the winter. It will ultimately come down to whether i'm able to keep my fingers and toes warm when it's -20…

  • Yes, I am jealous….. how long does it take you?