Outdoor Movies

Last night, Melanie and I watched The Spiderwick Chronicles at an outdoors showing across the street in Powderhorn Park. The movie was stupid, but it was fun watching a movie outdoors and enjoying the good weather. – And watching the people. Originally, we thought this was a one-time production that the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association was sponsoring just for fun, but it turns out it’s part of a summer-long series of outdoor movies sponsored by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The inflatable screen travels from park to park (with help from earthlings) showing a different film almost every evening. The full schedule is here.

In addition, I am reminded that the Stevens Square Community Organization sponsors the Cinema and Civics series each year. Every wednesday evening at 8:00 PM, a local band plays until dark, and then an outdoor movie is shown. The theme for 2008 is “The Mighty Midwest,” and features films with some sort of ties to the midwest. The schedule is available here.

Also, last year, Melanie and I watched one of the Spiderman movies at Midway Stadium. It seemed like that showing was also part of a series, but I never could find a schedule last year, and can’t find one this year, either… so I don’t really know what’s up with that.

But, The Neverending Story is being shown this Friday at Mathews Park (25th St E and 28th Ave S), and Melanie and I are thinking really hard about going. Anyone interested in coming with?

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