In Just One Weekend…

I go to Boston for one weekend and my Google Reader has 412 new blog posts waiting for me to read. Sheesh! How am I supposed to get through all of them? Here’s the breakdown:

82 posts from LDS-themed blogs. I’ll skim them all, but read very few of them.
28 posts from personal blogs of people I know personally. I’ll read all of them.
106 posts from web sites I visit just for fun, many of which will go quickly (30 LOLCats, 22 FAILS, 1 PostSecret, 2 Exploding Dogs, 19 Overheard in Mpls, etc.)
152 posts from photo feeds (8 “Bikebyshootings”, 6 Copenhagen Cycle Chic, 49 “Girls on Bicycles!”, 89 “I Want to Ride my Bicycle”).
44 posts from “professional” blogs I follow about urban planning and transportation.

Man, going to Boston for a weekend is dangerous business.

1 comment to In Just One Weekend…

  • Tara

    I'm sure Boston was much cooler than anything you can read about on a blog…I'm excited to hear about it!