I’m feeling very drained today, both literally and figuratively. Literally because I donated blood this morning. Figuratively because it seemed to drain my energy far more than donating usually does. In the past, I have been able to donate blood in the AM and not even notice the difference several hours later. I am often told that I am an ideal blood donor – strong pulse, large veins, etc. I tend to fill up the little pouch much more quickly than the person laying next to me. Today was a little different, though. I felt weak, laying on my back in the chair with a needle in my arm. I wanted it to be finished. The needle hurt this time – more than usual.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because the two egg burritos I had eaten a couple hours previously weren’t settling very well. Maybe it’s because this was the first time a technician has failed to hit my vein on the first try and I endured the pain of having someone slide a needle in and out of my arm several times. Maybe it was because after the technician removed the needle from my arm and wrapped my iodine-orange arm with a bandage, he didn’t use a wrapping technique that would allow my arm to bend.

So now I’m tired and I’d like a small cookie… and a hug from my wife.

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