Adventure: FAIL

Melanie and I failed to complete an adventure together this weekend. Sorry to disappoint. We were busy the whole weekend, though, just nothing seemed to qualify as an adventure. I left town friday evening with the 11 year-old scouts for a campout in Sand Dunes State Forest where we had fun eating hot dogs, discussing pokemon, geocaching, and general tom-foolery.

After we got home on saturday, we went with b+k to the Guthrie Theater to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Guthrie Theater. It was a lot of fun, though some parts were completely over-the-top. It was an interesting production – very contemporary. Some parts of the text were sung to music and there was plenty of flying (dangling from wires from the ceiling), and the director seems to have a thing for actors and actresses ending up in their underwear onstage. Overall, it was good, clean fun – but according to Mel, not an adventure.

We spent Sunday afternoon repairing our garage door opener, riding our scooter around town, walking around Lake Calhoun, and going to the movie theater. All fun – but not adventures.

Sorry to disappoint. We’ll begin right now to plan our adventure for next weekend.

5 thoughts on “Adventure: FAIL”

  1. That's too bad. I was thinking taking the lightrail and going to the Guthrie was an adventure, but you are old pros at that thing. Don't you think watching a lion roar on stage was adventurous?

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about the lion…It was a tough call about whether or not our outing downtown was an adventure or not. Part of me really wanted to call it an adventure (it was something we haven't done this year and it required planning ahead and using public transportation, so it was really close), but then I realized I had to draw the line somewhere or before I know it Reuben will be trying to convince me that laying on our couch eating Cheetos watching Miss Congeniality on TBS is an adventure.

  3. are you implying that watching Miss Congeniality is not an adventure in and of istelf? ok, we'll were going to have to come up with new plans for next weekend, then….

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