Who’s First?

Sometimes when Mel and I get bored, we like to play the “Who’s First?” game. It works like this: One of us says, “Who will do [activity] first: [name] or [name]?” and the other person has to guess. The activity can be anything we want, though it works best if it’s something we expect most people to do at some point. The names must be people we both know, and can be either individuals or married couples.

Activities range anywhere from getting married, going bald, falling off a bike, or having plastic surgery to having babies, getting fired, getting arrested, or getting a job.

Sometimes it sort of feels like we’re just gossipping about our friends. Maybe we are… but we only do it because we like them.

5 thoughts on “Who’s First?”

  1. How about me, what am I going to do first? I bet it is fall off their bicycle…I tend to do things like that.

    Umm, Tara, I bet you are going to be their first friend to graduate with an OT degree or maybe you will be their first friend to lose all of their toenails because of running. 🙂

  2. I had the same reaction as the other posters. Hmm…I wonder what they are saying about us. Sometimes I forget that it is possible for people to talk about me when I am not there. It would be interesting (but probably also kind of scary) to have a way of finding out what people say about you. This could range from your family members who know you really well to strangers who are telling their friends that they saw a weird lady with a cat on a leash. Ben and I talk about our neighbors that we barely know based on the limited times that we see them. (I wonder if they are married or dating? or It seems like she spent the night or Oh, it sounds like he has his friends over again). I think that people actually probably talk about us more than we think. I also wonder how many pictures people took with me in the background (family vacation photos etc). It is kind of wierd to think that there may be pictures of you in random family photo albums. It is also scary that now those random pictures of you could end up on the internet.

  3. you will never know the predictions we have made about each of your futures. Chances are, though, that if you know both me and melanie, you have been the subject of one of our "Who's First?" games.

    I think Katie's right that people are probably talking about us more than we realize. – – people are especially talking about Melanie, 'cuz she's kind of a big deal.

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