New Internet

I signed up for a new internet service yesterday. I am now a Comcast customer. I’m not very happy about paying over twice as much for internet service now as I was previously paying with US Internet, but I guess you get what you pay for..

After setting it up last night (which took me much longer than it should have… darn windows firewall) I actually enjoyed surfing the interet. It was no longer a painful, drawn out process of never really knowing if I’m still connected to the internet or if I will get the information I want..

Remember when the internet was just a bunch of isolated BBS groups? I do. I used to come home from school and dial into the BBS server (which was probably just some other kid’s computer). I used to play this really sweet text based role-playing game.

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  1. I don't know what BBS is, but my parents had dial-up until this year & that was frustrating. Glad that you are happy i-surfing again!

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