Mormonism on PostSecret



I always enjoy when a reference to Mormonism shows up on PostSecret. From now on, I’m going to start archiving ones with Mormon themes. I know there have been a dozen or so references to Mormonism since the blog started, and I wish I could round up the past secrets.  If any of my faithful readers (either of you) can find other Mormon-themed Secrets, I’ll send you a nice email with “THANK YOU” written all in caps. 

See all of the LDS PostSecrets I’ve collected here.

5 thoughts on “Mormonism on PostSecret”

  1. I remember one that was a postcard of BYU campus and said something like "i lost my faith while attending a church school". It didn't identify the school, but it was easy to recognize. It makes the secrets seem closer to home and it reminds me that every person I see at church who looks 100% devoted sitting in the pew on Sunday still has a private life full of questions, doubts, secrets, and intrigue (well, maybe everyone doesn't have intrigue, but I hope some people do)

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