#10 – Provo

According to Kiplinger, Provo, UT is the 10th best place to live in the United States. As a former resident of Provo, I have to agree. Provo is a wonderful place to be. Many parts of Provo are absolutely beautiful. The presence of BYU and UVSC (uh.. is it UVU these days??) means there’s plenty of college-aged kids running around. Non-motorized trails along the Provo River. Utah Lake on the west, Wasatch range on the east – it’s a beautiful setting.

Of course, living in Provo has it’s downside, too… namely that everyone there is Mormon (not that there’s anything wrong with Mormons, mind you.. but too many of anything in such a small area is bound to drive you nuts – except bicycles). Provo struggles with the same urban sprawl issues that all cities are experiencing, meaning that its edges are far less attractive than it’s center. Residents of Provo will be subjected to an endless barrage of BYU vs. U of U jokes. And, of course, it’s located adjacent to Orem, which is probably the worst city ever constructed.

Oddly enough, the article didn’t even mention J-Dawgs, Gual Bertos, or Burgers Supreme, which are clearly some of the best reasons to live in Provo. Also, on the Kiplinger page, there’s an unfortunate video walking tour of Provo, which curiously highlights some of Provo’s weakest (rather than strongest) points (Thanksgiving Point, the Riverwoods, and sprawl happening in towns to the south. But they are right, however, that LRT to downtown SLC will be a fantastic addition to the city.

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  • I regret to inform you of the downfall of Provo's fast food.

    Burger Supreme: It used to be my favorite burger place in Provo. However, its quality has severely dropped. The burgers are not nearly as yummy as in times past. They are still decent burgers (think Wendy's) but compared to what they were before… it is sad really. I don't eat there anymore.

    Gual Bertos: is no longer there. It went the way of every other fast food joint in that building. You'd think with being located so close to the dollar theater that they could stay in business… guess not.

    Betos: yeah gone too, at least the ones in the Provo area.

  • Too many bicycles drives me nuts!

    You should move to Colorado, there were bikers all over the road. We almost ran over them on the way to church every Sunday.

    It will be UVU on July 1, 2008.

    And I miss many of the restaurants in Provo, and a couple in Orem.

    Woah. Beto's is gone?!

  • Alex, you're blowing my mind. I can believe Burgers Supreme and Gual Bertos is gone… but Beto's??? That drive-through was always packed!!

    Darcey, please don't run over bikers. EVER.

  • Yeah, it looks like another company bought them out. Two old beto's restaurants are now the same new company. I forgot the name. The drive thrus are still packed so I guess the name change didn't hurt it too much.