Canoeing the Wisconsin River

UPDATE: go here for Scott and Brittany’s version of this adventure.

For our adventure this week, we went canoeing on the Wisconsin River near Sauk City, WI. We met up with some friends, and spent two days canoeing about 17 miles (..or was it 12 miles….?). The Wisconsin River is a great place to canoe because the current is strong enough that you don’t really need to paddle. If you’re in the river, you’re moving downstream (mel and I know from experience that this is not the case with many rivers in MN). For example, here’s Melanie lounging on the front of the canoe – she isn’t even holding her paddle.

Of course, Mel caught me a few times without my paddle, too. The umbrella in the canoe in the background is shielding the youngest member of our group (1.5 years) from the sun.

And it wouldn’t really be canoeing without stopping a few times along the way to soak your feet.

Next week: Boston!

7 thoughts on “Canoeing the Wisconsin River”

  1. Yea, it was a totally sweet adventure. I probably could have used a sun umbrella as well because I got pretty fried, but it was worth it to finally feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy some greenery.

  2. Dang it Mel, you aren't supposed to go on canoeing adventures without me! Do you remember that evening when we tried to cross Ojibwe into Triangle?? That was craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! That was a fun camping night.

  3. The weather and scenery look awesome, and I enjoyed your friends' account of the adventure too. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

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